Talent is a special natural ability or predisposition to something.


Talent is a repetitive pattern of thinking, feeling and behavior that can find a useful application in personal and professional life.

A decade ago, American Gallup Institute unveiled the results of a landmark 30-year research project that ignited a global conversation on the topic of the human potential. Gallup have studied more than one million work teams, conducted tens of thousands of individual interviews, and coached tens of thousands of executives, leaders, managers and individual contributors. More than 8 million people have since taken Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

One of the aim was to find out common talent themes of highly successful people. Talents most directly related to the potential for success can be grouped into 34 themes.


How to discover talents?.


Strengths Finder® Assessment

This digital assessment gives you a partial view of your talent’s profile. Assessment is on-line. You can choose to discover 5 or 34 of your strengths.

Feedback Session

After you complete the assessment, you will receive a  professional coach feedback for a comprehensive underdstanding of how you are and how you can succeed and basic strategies to help you improve your performance.

Personalized insights about your CliftonStrengths profile
Needs and challenges based on  your unique CliftonStrengths profile
Action items for each CliftonStrengths theme to start applying your CliftonStrengths every day


I'm glad I could have done CliftonStrengths profile. I could learn more about my talents and some discoveries. The diagnosis showed me that I have quite a lot of these talents. I used some of them sporadically because I did not consider them to be talents. Thank you for the exhaustive feedback on the importance of each of the talents. Now I understand my behavior better to get positive out of them and start treating them like a gift.

Thanks to CliftonStrengths profile:
- I understand people better
- I discovered what motivates me
- I can work with several talents at the same time
- I discovered how I work
- I consciously develop my strengths
- I can replace weaknesses with strong ones

Joanna Oszmiańczuk
HR Manager